Taste with Tori

Food aficionado, Tori Woodill, knows the risk of eating and spilling. When armed with a Cravaat, she can dig into these mouth-watering ribs without worrying about spilling on her clothes. We agree with her that barbecue sauce makes a  better “lip gloss” than a pattern on your clothes.

Caregiver Friendly® Awards

Winner of The Caregiver Friendly AwardsMay, 2013, by Today’s Caregiver It is my great honor to announce that [DinerWear] has been awarded a 2013 Caregiver Friendly award in the Product category.The Caregiver Friendly® Awards are presented by Today’s Caregiver magazine and to celebrate outstanding books, media, products and services which have been designed with …

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Moms Get Real

Keeping Clothes Clean on the Road with DinerWear™August, 2012, by Shadra Bruce There are a lot of complications to taking a long road trip. One of the biggest facing us this summer as we’ll be on the road for 33 days is making sure we have enough clean clothes to get us through…I’d like to …

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50plussingle BBW

DinerWear Scarf – Review And Giveaway (Worldwide) An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of laundry! I was given the opportunity to review a dining scarf from DinerWear. Actually, my father ended up reviewing the scarf. When I told him about the product, (comma)… he said “I can really use that”. He is always dropping …

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The Caregiver’s Voice

TCV Product Review – Scarves with Dignity A dignified green alternative to unnecessary clothing changes and laundering. DinerWear™ sent a couple samples to The Caregiver’s Voice to review …The caregivers loved them so much they didn’t want to soil them! It took editor some time to persuade our caregivers to use their gifts so …

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The Crew Lounge

Bobby Laurie, Sara Keagle, and Gailen David …These are pretty neat… It’s a different kind of a thing that you’re going to bring a scarf that’s also going to catch food for you… DinerWear™ is a dining scarf that a woman would wear fashionably around her neck to match whatever outfit -men also, why would you …

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