Absorbent/Waterproof Adult Bib Dining Scarf

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Cravaat dining scarf
100% polyester fleece (absorbent) with waterproof backing
Cravaat:  14″ wide x 26″ long (across chest x  from back of neck to bottom)
Cravaat Wide:  18-21″ wide x 26″ long (across chest x from back of neck to bottom)
Cravaat II: 14″ wide x 34″ long (across chest x from back of neck to bottom)
Absorbent, Waterproof, Stain resistant, Machine washable
We recommend the Button & Loop Closure for the Cravaat and Cravaat Wide
Made in the USA



This fashionable adult bib dining scarf is absorbent and waterproof to quickly soak up spilled liquids and stop them from passing through to your clothes. The scarf design helps you maintain dignity, too. Stain resistant and machine washable, it’s easy to wash and wear. It is also wrinkle resistant, which means it will come out of the dryer relatively wrinkle free. Magnetic Snap or button & loop closure (with the Cravaat and Cravaat Wide) keep this Cravaat closed while dining. The Cravaat II style is stitched together at the waist so simply pull it on over your head.

Button & Loop Closure for adult bib dining scarf
Button & Loop Closure for adult bib dining scarf

Cravaat is 26″ from the back of neck to bottom x 14″ across chest

We recommend this with a closure, either the magnetic snap or the button & loop.

Cravaat Wide is 26″ from the back of neck to bottom x 21″ across chest

We recommend this with a closure, either the magnetic snap or the button & loop.

Cravaat II is 34″ from the back of the neck to the bottom x 14″ across chest

Stitched together at the waist. Easy on/off by pulling over your head.

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Additional information

Weight .25 lbs



Cravaat Regular, Cravaat Wide, Cravaat II


No Closure, Button & Chain Closure, Magnetic Snap

4 reviews for Absorbent/Waterproof Adult Bib Dining Scarf

  1. Anthony Esposito (verified owner)

    This soft comfortable dining scarf is the best for everyday use. It’s absorbent and stays where you want it the magnetic snap makes it even better. I have many different styles and colors from dinnerwear and they are all terrific. But this is my favorite one. I’m so happy I found it. I just ordered more. Thank you!!!

  2. Erika Deloof-Sys (verified owner)

    Perfect, perfect, perfect! I am so happy with this beautiful Cravaat!
    DinerWear also gives me a refund because I bought several, without asking!

  3. Gloria Murray (verified owner)

    After I made an original purchase of this cravaat for my mother, I bought a second one for her to have as a spare and two additional cravaats for my mother’s 2 sisters, both in different states. One sister received hers in a reasonable time. The second sister did not receive hers and I was on the hunt to find out what happened to the delivery. My aunt lives in a senior community so we were not sure if it had been misplaced upon delivery. I am here to tell all customers of Diner Wear that it was a pleasure to work with this company and have them problem solve with me. Kathy Steck communicated with me via email and later by telephone to see how she could help. With her assistance, she located the lost package and it was delivered to my aunt. Kathy provided excellent customer service and I would not hesitate to do business with Diner Wear again! I highly recommend their products and dedication to their customer. Thank you, Kathy, and Diner Wear!

    • Kathy Steck

      Thank you Gloria! Our belief at DinerWear is to treat our customers the way we’d like to be treated. We appreciate your patience as we hunted down the package. When we ship our products, we like to make sure in arrives in the hands of the customer. Glad we were able to resolve it!

      Best Regards and Bon Appetit!

  4. glmurray53 (verified owner)

    I purchased this Absorbent/Waterproof Adult Bib Dining Scarf for my elderly mother, who lives in an Assisted Living apartment. She eats her meals in the common dining room and mentioned that she is spilling food onto her clothes quite often now. She prides herself on looking nice so she goes back to her apartment and changes her tops when they are soiled. I suggested one of your Cravaats to her and she was reluctant since it might cause negative attention to herself. I decided to just purchase this one and take it to her. She liked it immediately. We went to a local restaurant to eat that same afternoon and she willingly put it on. She was worried about the appearance of wearing a bib in public but this product is easy to put on by herself, makes her feel good and preserves her dignity. I will order another and wonder if more ladies at her table might take an interest and want one, too.

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