FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

The Cravaat TTWs (Terry Taupe Waterproof) are absorbent and waterproof. It comes in the Cravaat Regular w/ Magnetic Snap, Cravaat Wide w/ Magnetic Snap, and Cravaat II. (MSS-TTW, CRW-TTW, CRII-TTW)

The other Cravaats are made with the suede-like microfiber that is 100% polyester. While liquids tend to bead up (much like a polyester cloth napkin) they will ultimately absorb. This style is good for more incidental food spills.

The Cravaat Classics (Regular, Wide, and Large) are open scarves that can be worn flat, tied, or closed with a magnetic snap or button & loop closure.

The Cravaat IIs (Regular and Wide) are stitched together at the waist leaving a wide opening to pull it on/off over your head. 

The print patterns is not on both sides of the scarf. The back side is a solid color corresponding with the base color of the scarf. It can be worn with both sides out, but there is a label on the natural underside. Keep in mind that the fabric is wipe-able for several uses before you need to put it in the wash.

Yes, this product works very well in catching ‘wayward’ food.

It overlaps and drapes nicely. You can also wear it tied, but it’s available with a magnetic snap or button & loop closure if you want some extra insurance.

The Cravaat Classic is an open scarf with rolled hem edges. It can be worn flat, tied, or with the magnetic snap. It comes in 3 sizes:  Regular, Wide, and Large (which is wide and long).

The Cravaat II is a long scarf that is stitched together at the waist to be pulled on/off over your head. The edges are unsewn to lay flat. 

DINE IN STYLE and KEEP CLOTHES CLEAN with the Cravaat® dining scarf – the chic discreet adult bib. AVOID EMBARRASSING STAINS from food spills. No one will know you’re wearing a bib. Made with a soft sophisticated suede-like microfiber that drapes you in elegance. This STAIN RESISTANT fabric wipes clean while you’re wearing it and lasts through repeated MACHINE WASHings. It’s also dryer safe and wrinkle resistant. No more having to treat stains. ALSO, a FREE LAUNDRY WASH BAG will be included with your order.

The Cravaat® was created by a USA SMALL BUSINESS and is MADE IN THE USA.  As one customer said, “I just saved a good shirt and the scarf comes out clean. Scarves are in style and I get a lot of compliments. It’s a win win win.”  SAVE YOUR CLOTHES with a Cravaat® while you dine. It’s the perfect clothing protector for seniors, the elderly and disabled, those with dementia and Alzheimer’s, or in a wheelchair, and anyone who has a knack for spills of all ages. Packaged in an elegant organza bag, it makes a great gift.  GO TO THE DINERWEAR® STORE on Amazon to see all our styles, including long scarves, wide scarves, those with a magnetic snap option, as well as our absorbent/waterproof styles.

End of 1st pp for Magnetic Snap option :   No more having to treat stains. MAGNETIC SNAP provides extra assurance for keeping the scarf closed. ALSO, a FREE LAUNDRY WASH BAG will be included with your order.

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