How our stylish adult bibs were conceived:

Cravaat adult bib dining scarf protects against spills
Cravaat saves the day!

It was the simple statement, “Adults don’t want to wear bibs,” that drove me to create the Cravaat® as a stylish alternative to the adult bib. I love scarves and realized it was the perfect solution for protecting clothes from spills. But it had to be made with just the right fabric. It had to look good, feel good, and still be practical, i.e. stain resistant and machine washable. When I found our microfiber fabric, the Cravaat® was born.

How the Cravaat Got Its Name

We named the scarf a Cravaat® (pronounced kra-vaht’) because they are a modern day version of the original cravat (spelled with one a). Cravats came into fashion in the 17th century in imitation of linen scarves worn by Croatian mercenaries in the French army. They were believed to be worn to hide shirts which were not immaculately clean and are considered the forerunner to the modern necktie. And what is the biggest complaint about the necktie? They get ruined from food spills. So our Cravaat® is a modern take on the original, but instead of covering up dirty clothes, our Cravaat® protects clothes from food spills and keeps them clean. And when a customer mentioned that they wanted to also cover the lap, we extended our product line to include the Cravaat II®.

The Napkin at Your Neck® came from the idea that tucking a napkin into your shirt, though not considered stylish, is more acceptable than wearing an adult bib. The Nayn was designed with input from a memory care facility, when they wanted the napkin to be large enough to cover the lap. Eldercare caregivers at this and other memory care facilities love these adult bib alternatives.

Finding Our Fans

DinerWear® quickly discovered that stylish adult bibs aren’t just for seniors. As I like to say, “Who amongst us hasn’t spilled on our self?” Everyone – young and old, whether dining out or at home, at the table or on the run (think car, plane, train) – can appreciate the design and utility of the Cravaat®. Even hesitant users have gotten hooked after just one try. It’s a product that meets a real need in our busy lives.

Whether you’re dining challenged or just want some insurance that you will come away from the table, (or car, or plane) with clean clothes, the Cravaat® will help you avoid embarrassment AND the hassle of food stains. Our mantra is, “An ounce of protection is worth a pound of laundry.”

Kathy Steck in Cravaat dining scarf adult bib
Kathy Steck wearing a Cravaat dining scarf adult bib

We hope you are as thrilled to have these alternatives in clothing protection as we are to bring them to you. Say goodbye to adult bibs.

Bon Appetit
Kathy Steck

Great For Anyone Who Doesn’t Want An Adult Bib, But Needs A Clothing Protector…

  • Alzheimer’s / Dementia / Brain Injuries / Scleroderma / MS – Multiple Sclerosis / Parkinsons
  • Elderly, Blind, had a Stroke, or are Convelascing Hospital Patients
  • Messy Eaters / Large Chested Women / Eating in the Car / Eating on a Plane / Eating at your Desk
  • Also great for Preschoolers who have outgrown bibs, but still spill, and Kids with Disabilities who hate bibs.
  • AND anyone who would appreciate peace of mind knowing their clothes will stay clean.

Giving Back

DinerWear® loves to give back to the community. Some of the organizations to whom we’ve donated our stylish adult bibs are:

Also, Kathy is proud to have facilitated a collection of 1160 books for the Joplin Missouri schools that were devastated by the 2011 tornado.

Wholesale pricing for retailers and large quantity purchases for senior living communities who buy adult bibs. Great adult bibs for all levels of care, from Alzheimer’s, Dementia, Disability, Assisted and Independent Living.
Makes a great move-in gift.
Makes a great gift shop item.
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  1. Can’t say enough good things about DinerWear! I love this brilliant company AND my grandmother absolutely adores her Cravaats!! She now owns multiple and loves getting compliments so she can emphasize to anyone within earshot that the makers made it so that she can “dine with dignity”! She loves saying those three words. My grandma just turned 100 years young and I can’t tell you how good it feels to get her something she actually loves and will use. She also loves the cravaat that has the snap in front the best. Best thing ever made and Im so grateful I found this company. Thank you for all you do DinerWear and especially thankful for your thoughtful cravaat designs and customer service. I couldn’t be happier and am wishing you the best!

    1. You made our day here at DinerWear. You’ve expressed exactly why we created our Cravaats. Wishing you many more years with your beautiful grandmother!

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