Cravaat adult bib dining scarf protects against spills

Cravaat saves the day!

Shop our DinerWear® adult bib dining scarf styles. Choose the styles that best fits your coverage needs:

The Cravaat® is our original adult bib dining scarf. Great for incidental spills on your chest. Worried about splatters? Select the Cravaat® Wide. Want even more coverage? Cravaat® X is wide, and long enough to cover your lap. This is a nice option when you need more coverage.

The Cravaat® II covers your lap and is stitched closed at the waist. Just pull it on over your head, and enjoy your meal. For more coverage, select the  Cravaat® II Wide. These are great styles for in your car.

If you need an absorbent and waterproof option, choose from the Taupe Terry Waterproof (TTW) option for the Cravaat®, Cravaat® Wide, or the Cravaat® II.

For a basic, dignified adult bib alternative, consider the Napkin at Your Neck®. It gives full coverage and has an adjustable strap to keep it in place. Also comes in a large size.

All our products are stain resistant, machine washable, and wrinkle resistant. Easy to wash and wear.

Take it with you wherever you dine:  at a restaurant, a party, a wedding, in the car, and even at home.

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