Check out our video introducing DinerWear’s Stylish Adult Bib:

This fashionable dining scarf doubles as a stylish adult bib to keep your clothes clean while dining. The Cravaat wears like a designer scarf while protecting your clothes from food spills.
Let’s face it, Spills Happen. With a Cravaat by DinerWear, Stains Won’t! Whether dining out, eating on the go, or just have a knack for spills, its the perfect fashion accessory for keeping you stain free. These DineWear clothing protectors come in a variety of styles (regular, wide, long), all available in a range of colors/prints to match any outfit, so you can Dine with Dignity.

Stain resistant and machine washable, they’re easy to wash and wear.
Made in the USA, with a suede-like microfiber that’s elegant and wipes clean while dining.

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