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Taste with Tori

Food aficionado, Tori Woodill, knows the risk of eating and spilling. When armed with a Cravaat, she can dig into these mouth-watering ribs without worrying about spilling on her clothes. We agree with her that barbecue sauce makes a  better “lip gloss” than a pattern on your clothes.

Oaklee’s Family Guide

a resource for caregiversOaklee’s Family Gift Guide
November, 2014

Now, I am not going to name any names, but I know a few ladies that were blessed with an ample region for ‘food catching’. Be the Grandmas or just your young and lovely ‘blessed’ lady, they are constantly getting food on their chest and on whatever lovely top they wore out for the night. Thanks to Cravaat™ we can keep the ladies free from food and looking stylish while they dine!

Caregiver Friendly® Awards

Winner of The Caregiver Friendly Awards
May, 2013, by Today’s Caregiver

It is my great honor to announce that [DinerWear] has been awarded a 2013 Caregiver Friendly award in the Product category.
The Caregiver Friendly® Awards are presented by Today’s Caregiver magazine and to celebrate outstanding books, media, products and services which have been designed with the best interest of the caregiver and his or her loved one in mind. Today’s Caregiver magazine and, launched in 1995, are published by Caregiver Media Group, which also produces the Fearless Caregiver Conferences.
“The average caregiver is responsible for over $40,000 in health related expenditures each year, in either personal or directed funds,” says Gary Barg, Today’s Caregiver magazine’s Editor-in-Chief. “This award is designed to help family caregivers recognize and reward those organizations who will care for them in as committed a manner as they care for their loved ones.”

Moms Get Real

Keeping Clothes Clean on the Road with DinerWear™
August, 2012, by Shadra Bruce

There are a lot of complications to taking a long road trip. One of the biggest facing us this summer as we’ll be on the road for 33 days is making sure we have enough clean clothes to get us through…I’d like to be able to arrive at our destination, even after a quick meal on the fly as we keep driving, without looking like I bathed in my lunch.
That’s why Kathy Steck is my hero(ine)…This year on our travels, we’ll have a wonderful solution to the typical food-missing-the-mouth issues we face: we’ll have DinerWear™….
As they say on the DinerWear website, “an ounce of protection is worth a pound of laundry.” When you’re on the road, that can be a really big deal. Space to pack a lot of extra clothing is limited.
The Napkin at Your Neck is such a great design that we’re using one for Kyle at home to protect his clothes from staining (he has to have special, easy to pull up pants in order to help him stay independent, and they’re not cheap). The Napkin at Your Neck is long enough to protect his pants as well as his shirt, so he stays clean and his clothes stay protected…

Minding Our Elders – Carol Bradley Bursack Article
July, 2012, by Carol Bradley Bursack

It’s rare for me to write about a specific product… A package that recently arrived in my mail prompted me to make an exception. It contained samples of stylish clothing protection that replaces the function of bibs. While many of us have dripped food on our clothing while dining out, few adults want to wear a bib in public. Call it what you will, a bib is a bib. People who have Multiple Sclerosis (MS), Alzheimer’s disease, brain injuries or other disabilities have a greater need for clothing protection than most of us when they eat, yet they have as much right to a dignified appearance as anyone. Enter Kathy Steck of
Steck, a self-described scarf lover…decided that there must be a stylish way to protect clothing from food. Her answer was to design a microfiber scarf she calls the Cravaat, which drapes elegantly around the neck, giving the appearance of a scarf but covering the most vulnerable area of clothing…
Over time, feedback from customers encouraged Steck to design a larger cover-up. Her solution was the Cravatt II, which drapes over the head and flows onto the lap. Eventually, she was asked to design a cover-up that worked better for men. This effort resulted in the “napkin at your neck.” The “napkin” attaches under a shirt collar or sits higher on the neck and is large enough to protect against nearly any spill. All styles resemble clothing more than bibs…

Multiple Sclerosis Blog – From The Life With MS Inbox

review for ms cravaat functions as adult – Life with MS Blog
July, 2012, by Trevis Gleason

…Every now and again something ends up in that email repository that is worth a closer look. After a bit more digging the occasional nugget is worth a blog…
… First, a product that will make more sense for those of us who have a bit of an issue getting food from plate to mouth without a detour to lap. It’s called a“Cravaat™” and is based on the original Cravat. The stain-resistant microfiber garment looks like a nice scarf, but it’s actually equivalent in function to a bib.
I know I’ve lost more than one shirt to unsteady hands. In the “old days”, when I was traveling like crazy and got business class upgrades (and they served actual meals on planes), the napkins had a button hole in them so you could save your wardrobe. Not something you find in most dining establishments. I thought this “accessory” might make sense for some of us with multiple sclerosis….

Local Gal Sets Sights On Entrepreneurship, May, 2012, by Wendy Clem

…The unique aspect that Steck brings to the table – quite literally – is the quality of her merchandise material and the ingenious vision she has. The self-proclaimed scarf-lover came up with the answer to food faux pas and eating oops that is bound to change how polite society sees spills and drops, in a most creative way. … the 51-year-old Steck…decided to think outside the box by developing a luxurious scarf that can be worn while eating, stands up under dining accidents and also makes an elegant fashion statement in accessories. The original design made from imported microfiber material, soon grew to more, including the Cravaat™ I and II and the longer version, Napkin at Your Neck™. The latter replaces traditional neck-tucked napkins with flowing material to protect laps as well as clothes. It was developed through experiments at elder-care facilities by caregivers and patients, who whole-heartedly lend their stamp of approval…. Customer orders stretch from Massachusetts to California, and Alaska to Florida…

Consumer Conversation Reviews Cravaat

April, 2012

Dinerwear brings you a stylish way to keep your favorite silk blouse free of stains when you dine out. This line of dining scarves is made from brushed microfiber and has the soft feel of suede. The great advantage of a designer Cravaat is that you can’t tell them apart from a high end scarf – no one will ever know you’re really guarding against splashed wine!…

Chic Luxuries Reviews The Cravaat

review of the cravaat as an alternative to the adult bibFebruary, 2012

… I could have used this on my recent trip to Florida. I was on the run most of the time and ate at least one meal a day while driving {I know, I know}. The result was a lot of ruined tops and embarrassing moments showing up at appointments with stained clothing. That will teach me to eat while driving! I wore the Cravaat during a few meals, it looks like an ordinary scarf, no one would ever know it doubles as a bib for the eating challenged. I love microfiber, it is ultra soft. I purposely spilled some ketchup which I wiped off, it left no noticeable stain. I machine washed the Cravaat and tossed it in the dryer and it was as good as new. Another nice perk, no ironing required. This is a unique product idea that everyone can use…

The Cravaat By Diner Wear Review

review of the cravaat as an alternative to the adult bibFebruary, 2012

… I recently received for review a Cravaat, made locally right here in Michigan, but sold all over the U.S.

The Cravaat assists you in keeping your clothes free from food spills with class and sophistication. …you can save time and money while avoiding embarrassing stains… a “busty” woman I have often come home with everything I’ve eaten visible on my “shelf” as my hubby calls it. Sometimes I’ve had to come home and change clothes or purchase a new top if I was out and about and unable to get home.

The Cravaat is unique in that it is not an “adult bib” It’s more like an accent piece of wardrobe with a purpose. What is that purpose? To catch those bread crumbs, condiment spills and coffee drips before they land on your clothes. The Cravaat is unisex and comes in several different styles and colors. It also comes in it’s own little carrying bag in either vinyl or organza…

I recently wore my Cravaat while dining at a breakfast buffet with my family. It came in handy and the only people who knew what I had for breakfast was my family. The Cravaat is functional clothing at it’s most fashionable best. Makes a great gift. Reasonably priced at $19.95 why not get one for him and her?

DinerWear Helps Combat Food Spills

article about dining scarf as an alternative to the adult bibOakland Press, Sunday, December 4, 2011

Kathy Steck has seen it happen too many times – people eating at restaurants or at parties and they spill food on their clothing and the item is essentially ruined.

Steck, a former production and plant manager, thought for some time about how to combat this problem in a functional yet fashionable way. That’s when she formed a company called DinerWear in Novi, and created The Cravaat.

Originally for seniors, The Cravaat is worn over clothing just like a scarf. It can be worn flat or tied for a little extra style. The Michigan-made product uses microfibers, which makes it stain resistant and machine washable. When something spills, it can just be wiped clean. It can also be washed with like colors, dried in a dryer, and it’s ready to go again. It’s discreet and sophisticated and no one will now why someone is wearing it.

Steck has sold over 1,200 units in 2011 and hopes to increase that number tenfold in 2012. The scarf retails for $19.95 and comes in solid colors black, pink, brown, cream, burgundy, olive green, and slate blue, as well as print combinations tan floral, green/brown, and tan faux leather. It is available in an organza bag or easy vinyl pouch and is available online at, as well as at Binson’s Hospital Supply Stores in Michigan and Florida, at Fleischman Apartments Gift Shop next to the Jewish Community Center in West Bloomfield and at the Comfort Store in Austin, Texas.

“The Cravaat was originally designed for the elderly, but we have quickly discovered that adults of all demographics deal with the problem of food spills,” says Steck.

“I thought for quite a while what to call the scarf and decided on The Cravaat based on the origin of the Cravaat worn by French Mercenaries in the 17th Century – a cloth worn around the neck to protect clothes from food spills, or cover food stained clothes. Though it evolved into the man’s necktie, DinerWear is paying homage to the original cravat.”

DinerWear of Novi. Call 631-371-1844 or visit

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Michigan-Made Holiday Gifts

WORK Goes Strong

Fastest Growing Industries: Eldercare

Thinking of launching a business or changing fields? See how these entrepreneurs developed products and services for a fast-growing industry.

By: The Aging Diva December 13, 2011DinerWear dining scarf as adult bib

…I’ve interviewed more than 50 midlife career changers … For all of them, passion has fueled their new endeavor: … But the smart ones have also done their due diligence, launching a new business in a growing field. … Eldercare and retirement are already a $30 billion a year industry in North America, and with leading edge baby boomers turning 65 this year, it’s a segment that’s guaranteed to grow. …

Adult Bibs: Years ago, Kathy Steck made a washable dining scarf for her grandmother that would catch food stains and protect her clothes. Now she sells DinerWear dining scarves for a living. An engineer by training, Steck hit the books to learn about entrepreneurship. “I take SBA classes and I’ve read a zillion books.” She markets her scarves at senior shows. After I wrote about her originally, mentioning that Steck wanted to get one of her scarves into Joan Lunden’s hands, because Lunden has written about putting her mother in a senior living residence, Lunden ordered two scarves. Steck hopes this is a sign that she is on her way to success.

Love To Know

How to Wear a Scarf

By Laura Williams, M.S.Ed. November 1, 2011

…Diner Wear: The Diner Wear Cravaat is a genius scarf that helps protect garments from spills during eating. Rather than tuck a napkin into your blouse, simply wrap a chic, stain-resistant scarf around your neck. Your clothes will remain clean even if you’re the type who always spills or drips. Plus, you’ll look fabulous in the process.

Life Goes Strong

How To Make Your Own Job Opportunity

For this woman, becoming an entrepreneur was the answer.

By: The Aging Diva November 1, 2011DinerWear dining scarf as adult bib

Kathy Steck created her own job opportunity by launching a line of adult bibs that look like scarves.

…Steck loves to design and create things. An industrial engineer by degree, she felt she was good at finding solutions. As she was considering a startup, … [her] sister suggested adult bibs. “I’d made them for my grandmother years ago.” DinerWear is a line of washable scarves that look fashionable but keep clothing clean by catching food drops…

…”I call it a scarf. As soon as I say it’s a bib, people don’t want it.” How to get past this hesitation? “Key people need to say this is cool. She sent a scarf to Joan Lunden after she read an article about how Lunden put her mother into a senior living residence. She sent another to Betty White…

“… I’m 50, yet I feel like I’m just 20 starting out. It’s fun. I forget how old I am.”

The Crew Lounge

upgrd logoBobby Laurie, Sara Keagle, and Gailen David

…These are pretty neat… It’s a different kind of a thing that you’re going to bring a scarf that’s also going to catch food for you… DinerWear™ is a dining scarf that a woman would wear fashionably around her neck to match whatever outfit -men also, why would you think it’s just for women, are we the only ones who are spilling… When you go to eat, and even during turbulance on an airplane, you can wear this … so that nothing spills on you while you’re eating … Then you have a scarf when you land, and it’s washing machine safe…

The best way to look at it is, it’s a scarf that also serves as a bib, maybe, but that you know is washable, because with a lot of scarves you’d be worried about getting food on.

You don’t want to get food on your burberry you want to get it on your DinerWear™. These are microfiber…so everything comes off of it…I want these things to sell…”

50plussingle BBW

50 plus single bbw logoDinerWear Scarf – Review And Giveaway (Worldwide) An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of laundry!

I was given the opportunity to review a dining scarf from DinerWear. Actually, my father ended up reviewing the scarf. When I told him about the product, (comma)… he said “I can really use that”. He is always dropping food down the front of him…

… I have an awful habit of dropping food right down the front of me. … My friends have commented on the same thing happening to them. When you are out with friends or on a date this is not a place you want to have a food stain….

…What I liked about it is that it wasn’t obviously a bib … it looked like a very attractive scarf….

The way the scarf is designed is for comfort. … It is so soft!

I think any adult at any age would benefit from this product. From everyday clothes to wearing suits or fancy dresses. This scarf could be used anywhere – in the plane, restaurant, at home and many other places.

I think this is a great idea! It is stain resistant and you don’t need to iron it. What I especially like is no more hard to remove stains!

The Caregiver’s Voice

the care givers voice logoTCV Product Review – Scarves with Dignity A dignified green alternative to unnecessary clothing changes and laundering.

DinerWear™ sent a couple samples to The Caregiver’s Voice to review …The caregivers loved them so much they didn’t want to soil them! It took editor some time to persuade our caregivers to use their gifts so they could write reviews!

Beth, Kathleen’s daughter and caregiver writes: …When I first opened the package and took a look at the Napkin, my thoughts were that it was too nice to soil. I’m over that. With the length of it, Mom wanted to put the bottom part on the table and fold it up. This was a distraction until I tucked it on her lap, under the table, and pushed her even with the table, so she could no longer see it… I do like the length as it protects the pants area from spills, droppings, and what not. To think how easy it is to simply toss one of these in the wash instead of struggling to change your loved one’s clothing. Just slip it off your loved one’s neck and toss it in the wash.

Chris, caregiver to her husband, Pierre, writes: Thanks for the Dine with Dignity dinerwear dining scarf. It works great and really covers a lot of area…I think anyone would wear this scarf in any situation and it doesn’t look like a bib or napkin. Thanks again, Pierre and Chris

Care communities such as assisted living, board and care, and even skilled nursing care homes will bring a touch of class to their diners while reducing unnecessary clothing changes and laundering. A green alternative that ultimately saves money!

Our loved ones with brain-impairing diseases and illnesses want to preserve their pride and dignity as long as possible. These scarves accomplish this with flair. Brenda Avadian, MA Reviewer,

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