The Crew Lounge

Bobby Laurie, Sara Keagle, and Gailen David

…These are pretty neat… It’s a different kind of a thing that you’re going to bring a scarf that’s also going to catch food for you… DinerWear™ is a dining scarf that a woman would wear fashionably around her neck to match whatever outfit -men also, why would you think it’s just for women, are we the only ones who are spilling… When you go to eat, and even during turbulance on an airplane, you can wear this … so that nothing spills on you while you’re eating … Then you have a scarf when you land, and it’s washing machine safe…

The best way to look at it is, it’s a scarf that also serves as a bib, maybe, but that you know is washable, because with a lot of scarves you’d be worried about getting food on.

You don’t want to get food on your burberry you want to get it on your DinerWear™. These are microfiber…so everything comes off of it…I want these things to sell…”

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