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The Caregivers Voice - DinerWear adult bib product review

TCV Product Review – Scarves with Dignity A dignified green alternative to unnecessary clothing changes and laundering.

DinerWear™ sent a couple samples to The Caregiver’s Voice to review …The caregivers loved them so much they didn’t want to soil them! It took editor some time to persuade our caregivers to use their gifts so they could write reviews!

Beth, Kathleen’s daughter and caregiver writes: …When I first opened the package and took a look at the Napkin, my thoughts were that it was too nice to soil. I’m over that. With the length of it, Mom wanted to put the bottom part on the table and fold it up. This was a distraction until I tucked it on her lap, under the table, and pushed her even with the table, so she could no longer see it… I do like the length as it protects the pants area from spills, droppings, and what not. To think how easy it is to simply toss one of these in the wash instead of struggling to change your loved one’s clothing. Just slip it off your loved one’s neck and toss it in the wash.

Chris, caregiver to her husband, Pierre, writes: Thanks for the Dine with Dignity dinerwear dining scarf. It works great and really covers a lot of area…I think anyone would wear this scarf in any situation and it doesn’t look like a bib or napkin. Thanks again, Pierre and Chris

Care communities such as assisted living, board and care, and even skilled nursing care homes will bring a touch of class to their diners while reducing unnecessary clothing changes and laundering. A green alternative that ultimately saves money!

Our loved ones with brain-impairing diseases and illnesses want to preserve their pride and dignity as long as possible. These scarves accomplish this with flair. Brenda Avadian, MA Reviewer,

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