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review for ms cravaat functions as adult – Life with MS Blog
July, 2012, by Trevis Gleason

…Every now and again something ends up in that email repository that is worth a closer look. After a bit more digging the occasional nugget is worth a blog…
… First, a product that will make more sense for those of us who have a bit of an issue getting food from plate to mouth without a detour to lap. It’s called a “Cravaat™” and is based on the original Cravat. The stain-resistant microfiber garment looks like a nice scarf, but it’s actually equivalent in function to a bib.
I know I’ve lost more than one shirt to unsteady hands. In the “old days”, when I was traveling like crazy and got business class upgrades (and they served actual meals on planes), the napkins had a button hole in them so you could save your wardrobe. Not something you find in most dining establishments. I thought this “accessory” might make sense for some of us with multiple sclerosis….

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