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Keeping Clothes Clean on the Road with DinerWear™
August, 2012, by Shadra Bruce

There are a lot of complications to taking a long road trip. One of the biggest facing us this summer as we’ll be on the road for 33 days is making sure we have enough clean clothes to get us through…I’d like to be able to arrive at our destination, even after a quick meal on the fly as we keep driving, without looking like I bathed in my lunch.
That’s why Kathy Steck is my hero(ine)…This year on our travels, we’ll have a wonderful solution to the typical food-missing-the-mouth issues we face: we’ll have DinerWear™….
As they say on the DinerWear website, “an ounce of protection is worth a pound of laundry.” When you’re on the road, that can be a really big deal. Space to pack a lot of extra clothing is limited.
The Napkin at Your Neck is such a great design that we’re using one for Kyle at home to protect his clothes from staining (he has to have special, easy to pull up pants in order to help him stay independent, and they’re not cheap). The Napkin at Your Neck is long enough to protect his pants as well as his shirt, so he stays clean and his clothes stay protected…

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