Minding Our Elders – Carol Bradley Bursack

InForum.com Article
July, 2012, by Carol Bradley Bursack

It’s rare for me to write about a specific product… A package that recently arrived in my mail prompted me to make an exception. It contained samples of stylish clothing protection that replaces the function of bibs. While many of us have dripped food on our clothing while dining out, few adults want to wear a bib in public. Call it what you will, a bib is a bib. People who have Multiple Sclerosis (MS), Alzheimer’s disease, brain injuries or other disabilities have a greater need for clothing protection than most of us when they eat, yet they have as much right to a dignified appearance as anyone. Enter Kathy Steck of www.dinerwear.com.
Steck, a self-described scarf lover…decided that there must be a stylish way to protect clothing from food. Her answer was to design a microfiber scarf she calls the Cravaat, which drapes elegantly around the neck, giving the appearance of a scarf but covering the most vulnerable area of clothing…
Over time, feedback from customers encouraged Steck to design a larger cover-up. Her solution was the Cravatt II, which drapes over the head and flows onto the lap. Eventually, she was asked to design a cover-up that worked better for men. This effort resulted in the “napkin at your neck.” The “napkin” attaches under a shirt collar or sits higher on the neck and is large enough to protect against nearly any spill. All styles resemble clothing more than bibs…

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