Local Gal Sets Sights On Entrepreneurship

Examiner.com, May, 2012, by Wendy Clem

…The unique aspect that Steck brings to the table – quite literally – is the quality of her merchandise material and the ingenious vision she has. The self-proclaimed scarf-lover came up with the answer to food faux pas and eating oops that is bound to change how polite society sees spills and drops, in a most creative way. … the 51-year-old Steck…decided to think outside the box by developing a luxurious scarf that can be worn while eating, stands up under dining accidents and also makes an elegant fashion statement in accessories. The original design made from imported microfiber material, soon grew to more, including the Cravaat™ I and II and the longer version, Napkin at Your Neck™. The latter replaces traditional neck-tucked napkins with flowing material to protect laps as well as clothes. It was developed through experiments at elder-care facilities by caregivers and patients, who whole-heartedly lend their stamp of approval…. Customer orders stretch from Massachusetts to California, and Alaska to Florida…

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