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Styling Tips as We Age

When you google “fashion styles for seniors,” you’ll see a flood of wonderful images of stylish elders. But do they reflect us everyday women? Many of them are wearing very hats, and they look great. But most of us don’t wear them. I used to wear hats in my 20’s, but these days, I rarely […]

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Bringing Style to the Abilities Expo

We saw so much at the Abilities Expo that we will be writing about it for a while. Not only did it breed optimism (as mentioned in a previous blog post), but it also showcased some great products for attendees. However, in the fashion department, there were only a few of us. DinerWear® was there […]

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Products with Class and Dignity

DineWear’s adult bibs were born out of a desire to provide a dignified alternative for keeping clothes clean. My grandmother may have worn an adult bib, but that was because she didn’t think she had an alternative. In this day and age, our elders expect more. They want dignity and style in the solutions to […]

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Functional Fashion

Functional Fashion is all about using fashion to solve a problem. That’s what the Cravaat® dining scarf is all about- wearing an adult bib without anyone knowing it. Because style is a hallmark of our products, fashion seemed a fitting topic for our blogs, especially fashion with function. And wouldn’t you know, just as I set out to write […]

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