Styling Tips as We Age

When you google “fashion styles for seniors,” you’ll see a flood of wonderful images of stylish elders. But do they reflect us everyday women?

Fashion for seniors
Fun with Fashion from

Many of them are wearing very hats, and they look great. But most of us don’t wear them. I used to wear hats in my 20’s, but these days, I rarely have the occasion.

Many of them images are of fashion models, or retired fashion models, or actresses. Most of us are not.

So, when the years give us a little extra, not only in wisdom, but in pounds, and when our skeletal infrastructure doesn’t have the stamina to hold us up on stilettos, how can we stay stylish and still look every bit as fashionable as we did in our youth.

Luckily, today’s styles can accommodate us.

  1. Pants come in various waist heights, from low-low rise to hi-rise. Find your waist and pick the height that gives you the most comfort.  And be sure to pick the right size to avoid muffin top.
  1. Pair narrow legged pants with oversized/flowy tops.
  1. Tuck in your shirt. Do this with a blousy type top and it will camouflage a thick middle.  For years I always thought that a loose fitting shirt was the best way to hide my middle bulge. Until I realized I could capitalize on my narrow hips and hide that  area above my hips that had thickened.
How to layer fashionably
How to layer successfully
  1. Layer. My sister is great at this. She pairs a straight skirt or a narrow leg pant with an untucked top, layered with a sweater, a jacket or a vest. The top is usually a print, which also does a nice job of hiding imperfections. In this picture, she demonstrates how you can even make it work with a flowy skirt.
  1. Play to your best feature. This is an oldie but a goodie. For example, a wide cut neckline will draw eyes up.
  1. Wear what feels right to you. Often it’s not what you wear but how you wear it. How many times have you seen someone in an outfit and thought, “I want that.” But, when you tried it on in the store, it just didn’t look right. That’s because clothes reflect our personality. Think about who you are, who you want to be, pick the styles that represent you, then wear your picks with confidence.
  1. Dress for the occasion. Have your ‘comfy around the house’ outfits, but make sure you wear your ‘comfy errand clothes’ when going out. Have your conservative business-wear, but be sure to also have a few fun items that reflect the colorful side of yourself.

For more tips, go to: Sixty+Me (

In the end, remember:

  •  Always pick what is comfortable. We have enough to worry about in our busy lives. We don’t want to be distracted by our clothes. They should feel like a second skin and provide us with comfort, because goodness knows, we need comfort from wherever we can get it.
  • Accept your present body. It’s okay to have your own perfect. The few extra pounds that come with age may be healthier. Buy clothes to match that new perfect you.
  • Embrace who you are, what your body is, and have fun with your clothes.

Here’s a great article from Cosmopolitan magazine ( for simplifying style.

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Bon Appetit! And Happy Styling!

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