Bringing Style to the Abilities Expo

We saw so much at the Abilities Expo that we will be writing about it for a while. Not only did it breed optimism (as mentioned in a previous blog post), but it also showcased some great products for attendees. However, in the fashion department, there were only a few of us. DinerWear® was there with our stylish dining scarves as the fashionable alternative to adult bibs. Our products were well received, confirming once again that adults don’t want to wear bibs, as well as confirming that kids don’t want to wear them either.

DinerWear Adult Bibs at Abilities Expo
DinerWear at Abilities Expo

DinerWear® had the opportunity to introduce our new Cravaat® style due out next month— an absorbent/waterproof scarf. We heard from customers that they wanted this type of option. It took us a while to find a fabric that was absorbent, stain resistant, and waterproof. We finally found a fabric that fills the bill and are ready to start making scarves in a variety of styles to cover varying needs. DinerWear® is always growing and evolving, which we continue to do with style. If you have any special needs or requests please let us know.

Walker Bags and Adult Bib Dining Scarves
HDS Medallion Bags & Cravaats Go Well Together

We also had the honor of meeting two fabulous entrepreneurs, Bill and Carol of HDS Medallion. They bring fashion to the community with stylish bags for walkers and wheelchairs. Like DinerWear®, they were born out of a desire to provide seniors with a stylish option for an every day need. Inspired by their 99 ½ year old mother who wanted more than just an ugly, institutional looking bag for her walker, they decided to create something that let her carry her necessary items with her and make her feel as stylish as she always had been. (Check out their story at Because the bags were such a hit, they had to expand to make it a full scale business. Now they make bags for all ages, realizing that style is ageless. Seniors aren’t the only ones with wheelchairs and walkers who need to carry their essentials. The bags are colorful, well-made, and practical. These bags are a great way to express your personal flair, with style and beauty while having great functionality.

HDS Medallion Walker/Wheelchair Bags
HDS Medallion Walker/Wheelchair Bags

Go to their website at to find a style just right for you. You don’t have to be in a wheelchair or walker to use one.

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