Finding Solutions in the Sea of Information

Solutions are all around us, but how do we find them. Recently we had a call from someone who heard about DinerWear® from a customer. The customer was surprised that the person in the senior living community didn’t know about our stylish dining scarves and dignified clothing protectors as alternate solutions to adult bibs. That scenario makes us realize that there are countless solutions out there just waiting to be discovered.

Finding solutions, image from quotesgram
image from quotesgram

So where do you find out about solutions? Do you love thumbing through catalogs to discover all the things you could use to make life easier? Do you count on friends and family to tell you about the latest and greatest gadgets? Do you watch the morning and daytime talk shows for ideas? Chances are, when you’re looking for something specific, you’ll surf the web. When you do, do you only view the first page of your search? We all need to remember that if we stop there, we may be missing out on some wonderful products and solutions you hadn’t even considered. For example, if you search for adult bibs DinerWear® doesn’t show up until the second page. If you didn’t know about us, you might just accept the adult bibs shown on the first page of your search as the only options for protecting your clothes from spills. But if you dig a little deeper, you’ll find solutions you hadn’t even known existed.

Was it David Brenner, in his comedy act, who made fun of the expression, “It was in the last place I looked,” by saying, “Who’s going to keep looking for something after they found it?” But when you’re looking for a solution, or for something to help make your life easier, it’s a good idea to keep looking. You just might find out that there’s another option.

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