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Resources for Caregiving

Since writing our first post including RESOURCES for Caregiving, we have heard about additional Senior/Disability Resources. Therefore we will continue to add to the list of resources as a reference: Organizations: –  Information such as What a Caregiver Needs to Know, and What Does Medicare Cover. Helps you navigate through the caring quagmire. […]

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The Cost of Living for Elders

The Cost of Living for Elders Why does senior care  and senior housing seem to have become such a problem for this generation? My first thought is that it’s just because we don’t take our parents into our home anymore, but it’s more complicated than that, so it’s good to know what’s going on. A […]

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A Solution for Dressing in a Wheelchair

Are you as frustrated as me with our political environment these days? All the rhetoric is focused more on the problems than on the solutions. If our presidential candidates thought like entrepreneurs they would be spending all their time talking about solutions. As an industrial engineer and plant manager, my entire career was about finding […]

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Let’s Get Physical – Solutions for the aches and pains of aging

It seems inevitable. The aches and pains that come with aging. But a recent video I saw on Facebook ( made me rethink the physical aspect of added years. Is it really just the fact that we become less active that causes our bodies to deteriorate? I’ve read that the best thing for a bad […]

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