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DinerWear® is all about caregiving, solutions, and making life easier. Having resources to go to when you need to figure things out is what makes our lives easier. It should be what every business is about—solving your problems and making your life easier. It’s what DinerWear® strives to do with our stylish dining scarves. They keep your clothes clean and preserve your dignity.

Easy to install railing – InstantRail, to help use stairs safely

We recently heard from Elderville, another resource for elders and caregivers. They have great Safety Tips that will make caregiving easier and safer. The tip to have sturdy railings on stairs, inside and outside hits home for me. I recently purchased an easy to install railing for my parent’s home to put on the front steps for any older visitors. You can find it at InstantRail ( It comes in black and white, and different lengths to accommodate 3, 4, or 5 step situations. As for tip on not wearing scarves…they mean don’t wear them while you’re cooking so that it doesn’t get caught on anything. But by all means, remember to wear your Cravaat dining scarf when you sit to eat.

The additional resourceful articles listed below can help you make decisions as you maneuver through your retirement years, or if you’re caregiving, will help you or a loved one stay safe and secure both physically and financially:

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Retirement years are supposed to be relaxing and enjoyable. That doesn’t mean they don’t come without any some obstacles. The more informed you are the better you can tackle your new life and enjoy.

And don’t forget, you can always look good in a Cravaat® dining scarf.

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