When caregiving includes computer assistance

Another Side of Caregiving in the Age of Technology

When caregiving includes computer assistance
Caregiving + Tech Support


In this day and age, caregiving for your parents may include more than just physical assistance. Caregiving may involve providing technical support. In other words, you may find yourself helping your parents and loved ones with computer and internet needs. Chances are, whatever their competency level is with computer technology, they have gaps in their knowledge.

You Don’t have to be a Computer Geek to Help

I’m no computer geek, but I know enough to help my parents with some basics. Even when they were fully independent, I spent a lot of time on the phone helping them resolve computer issues. I’d try to picture what was on their screen and walk them through steps one click at a time. Problem was, what was obvious to me, wasn’t always obvious to them. So every step would often take twice as long, and the process often became frustrating for both of us. Sometimes, it ended with no resolution until I could physically go to their home.

Computer Sharing for remote support
Computer Sharing for remote support

I knew there were computer sharing programs out there, but never managed to find the time to install one on both our computers…until I finally did—and it changed my life. Now when my parents call with a computer question, I can log onto their computer and solve the issue directly without having to physically be there. I’m more efficient with my time and their frustration is eliminated.


So, for any caregiver who also fills the role of tech support, I highly recommend installing a program that allows computer sharing. We use TeamViewer. They have a free version for home use which is very easy to use. But there are many out there, including computer sharing through Microsoft. To find out which program might be best for you, you can start with this article at eztalks [ https://www.eztalks.com/file-sharing/best-free-screen-sharing-software-of-2017.html ] to review a list of popular and easy to use screen sharing programs. Or simply search “computer sharing programs.” Or, another option is to ask your own family computer geek what they suggest (my daughter- a computer science major-  was the one who turned us on to TeamViewer).

Peace of Mind

Computers have become such an integral part of our lives. Finding ways we can help our loved ones with their computer needs is as much a part of caregiving as physical care. The piece of mind they can get from quick and easy resolution to problems, and the time you save helping them resolve issues, will make both of your lives easier.

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