Food Choices for Time-Crunched Caregivers

Avoiding Dining Traps as a Time-Crunched Caregiver

Oxygen in Your Blood = Energy for caregiving
Oxygen in Your Blood = Energy for caregiving

You’re a caregiver. Your time is stretched thin, which leads to eating out or on the go. But fast food, restaurant dining and prepared food from a grocery store may be working against you. Food is fuel. To be more precise, food delivers oxygen through your body, giving you the energy and strength you need as a caregiver. This article, How To Oxygenate Your Body from Rejuvena ( ), explains simply how the right foods fuel your body.

We hear about “healthy eating” all the time, but that concept gets thrown around so much it’s hard to understand what that means. It seems like every fast food restaurant has caught on and is offering “healthy choices” luring us back to the quick, easy meal options. But consider this:

Remember that Alka-Seltzer commercial with the phrase “Try it, You’ll Like it”? (   A man is in a restaurant where the waiter told him “try it, you’ll like it,” but it only leads to an upset stomach. Well, prepared foods can lead to more than just a tummy ache. Over-salted foods can lead to hyper tension. An excess of sugar can lead to diabetes. Fried foods can lead to high cholesterol. Then there are the additives that may promote other diseases.  So while you’re saving time by eating out, grabbing carry out, or popping the prepared food in the microwave, you just might be cutting you time— in terms of your life and your health— short. As a caregiver, you work hard taking care of someone with failing health. Why not take care of them and yourself through healthy food choices.

Dining Choices – Food Choices

Need a little convincing, motivation and guidance? Check out this article on Eating at Home vs Eating Out  (  It not only gives you reasons for not eating out, it addresses your excuses and guides you to making better choices. That includes showing you foods that you thought were healthy but are traps. Instead, it gives you solutions and alternatives for how you can improve your eating both at home and in a restaurant.

As a caregiver, we need all the energy and health we can get. We need to find ways to fit healthy eating into our schedules. The little bit of extra time you’ll take to wash and cut fruit is the investment you make to avoid a week in bed with a cold or the flu. Remember, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

DinerWear® believes strongly in prevention. That’s why we created the Cravaat®, to help you avoid stains, and embarrassment, and extra laundry.  So take an extra moment to put on your dining scarf, because An Ounce of Protection is Worth a Pound of Laundry.

We hope you will eat (and wear) your prevention and live a healthy, stain-free life.

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