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DineWear’s adult bibs were born out of a desire to provide a dignified alternative for keeping clothes clean. My grandmother may have worn an adult bib, but that was because she didn’t think she had an alternative. In this day and age, our elders expect more. They want dignity and style in the solutions to their daily problems. It’s that desire for products with good taste and dignity that led to Ease Living, a catalog company that carries DinerWear®’s Cravaats®.

Alison Emerick was inspired to create Ease Living when she went shopping for her grandmother, who was in the early stages of dementia. She quickly became frustrated with the lack of stylish

Ease Living
Ease Living founder Alison with her grandmother

options available. All she wanted was a clock that also showed the day and date as well as the time, but all that was available styles were institutional looking. They looked like they belonged in a factory.  Alison’s mother responded to this frustrating shopping task with the comment, “Someone should make a site for high end things for people who need a little help.” That was all Alison needed to hear to be inspired to create one.

And who better, than an experience occupational therapist. Alison has been helping people achieve and maintain their independence for almost twenty years. She has worked in hospitals, rehabilitation centers, nursing homes, and out-patient clinics, and home health agencies, all around the country. She has seen a need for high-quality, attractive, effective, and safe products that for help seniors and the disabled and lists them in her catalog, which continues to grow as she carefully sources products from around the world. When she saw the Cravaat adult bibs, she knew they were perfect for her high-end catalog, solving a very real problem while providing class and dignity.

Ease Living
Ease Living

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