An Ounce of Prevention – Even for Summer

Prevention is the name of the game if you want to avoid problems, right? But it requires you think ahead. Like putting on your Cravaat® adult bib before you spill.

With spring upon us, you’re probably thinking spring cleaning. (Well, you will as soon as the weather actually does get warm.) You’ll want to open your windows to air out the house and take some time to deep clean. But don’t forget the preventative measures you should take to protect your home from the “dangers” of spring and summer, as well as the things you can do ahead to make the most of summer as well.

To protect your home, think about these preventative measures:

  • Check your roof for any signs of winter damage. It’s better to repair a crack or loose shingle to prevent a leak, rather than experience a lead later in the season.
  • Make sure gutters are clear of debris so they can handle the rains that are sure to come.
  • The ground should slope away from your house to assure rain water flows away from the house instead of pooling along the foundation and potentially leaking into the house.
  • Check for weak limbs on the trees closest to the house so they will not break off from high winds and be blown against the house and potentially break windows.
  • Have a plan for seeking shelter during severe weather.

    Prevent accidents from weather
    Prepare ahead, avoid problems later.
  • Know the severe weather messages: A watch means there is potential for severe weather. A warning means severe weather is occurring or expected to occur. See more at:
  • Know how to shut off the electricity, gas, and water in the event of severe weather.
  • Have an emergency supply kit.

and to make the most of your landscape and garden:

  • Put down fertilizer/mulch to enrich the soil for healthy plants.
  • If your growing your own plants for a garden, you should have started growing your seeds indoors already. If not, get started now.
  • Aerate the lawn for a healthy root system.
  • Rake away excess thatch.
  • Fertilize the lawn and the flower beds.
  • Reseed bare patches on the lawn.
Prepare for Summer
Prepare for Summer

See more at:

Oh my goodness, that is a long list. It’s clear that some items on this list are more important than others. Pick the ones most important for your home and pace yourself. You can work your way through these things one week at a time. And remember, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Or as we say at DinerWear:  An ounce of protection is worth a pound of laundry.

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