Functional Fashion

Functional Fashion is all about using fashion to solve a problem.

That’s what the Cravaat® dining scarf is all about- wearing an adult bib without anyone knowing it. Because style is a hallmark of our products, fashion seemed a fitting topic for our blogs, especially fashion with function. And wouldn’t you know, just as I set out to write this blog, I was introduced to Bwell 11™ and their fabulous Bandtastik™ and Bandiva™. Like DinerWear’s adult bibs, these products are fashionable AND functional.

The Bandtastik™ by Bwell 11™

The Bandtastik™ is not just any bandeau, it’s “Coverage you can control.” The stretchy swimwear fabric has the strength to hold things in place, such as a chest port or pump, or stitches from a lumpectomy, mastectomy, or other surgery while still giving you the flexibility to move. Staying active while dealing with medical issues will help your recovery, but you want to feel confident everything will stay in its place. The fact that it has been designed by someone who knows what it’s like to deal with these issues tells you it works.

The Badiva™ by Bwell 11™

The Bandiva™ improves upon the traditional head wrap with a design that gives you coverage while you live an active life. Designer Lesley Foreman experienced the problem first hand when she tried to snorkeling with a head scarf. When it came off in the water she was determined to create a product that would allow for fun, that looked great, and hide your baldness. Even with a head of hair, designer Jami Weiman loves how this head wrap stays on while riding on the back of a motorcycle. What better test to prove it will stay on your head.

Like me, these two women embarked on the entrepreneurial journey as they hit the powerful age of 50.  While their products were originally designed for women battling medical issues, it’s easy to see that the Bandtastik and the Bandiva can be worn by anyone, especially with all the fabulous colors and prints they offer. Because these great fabrics can get wet and will dry quickly, they make the perfect accessory for any woman who wants a little extra coverage when enjoying water activities. Go to and see what I mean. These cool bandeaus and head wraps are for any woman who wants to look stylish and are an ideal solution for those who need some support during and after treatments.

The Bandtastick™ by Bwell 11™
Designers with a passion at Bwell 11™


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