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Products with Class and Dignity

DineWear’s adult bibs were born out of a desire to provide a dignified alternative for keeping clothes clean. My grandmother may have worn an adult bib, but that was because she didn’t think she had an alternative. In this day and age, our elders expect more. They want dignity and style in the solutions to […]

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Save time – Simplify

Saving time is one of the many benefits of wearing a Cravaat® dining scarf, which is why we devote a category of blogs to time saving tips. This week we have a new perspective: When it comes to time-saving tips, there are so many blogs out there about it (even my last time-saving blog), that […]

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A Solution for Dressing in a Wheelchair

Are you as frustrated as me with our political environment these days? All the rhetoric is focused more on the problems than on the solutions. If our presidential candidates thought like entrepreneurs they would be spending all their time talking about solutions. As an industrial engineer and plant manager, my entire career was about finding […]

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