A Solution for Dressing in a Wheelchair

Are you as frustrated as me with our political environment these days? All the rhetoric is focused more on the problems than on the solutions. If our presidential candidates thought like entrepreneurs they would be spending all their time talking about solutions.

As an industrial engineer and plant manager, my entire career was about finding solutions. I’d open my door to complaints so I could find solutions to our production problems. It’s my desire to solve problems that led me to design the Cravaat® – a stylish, dignified alternative.

Pants Up Easy- wheelchair assist dressing

Pants Up Easy- soltuion for dressing in a wheelchair
Pants Up Easy- keep your independence

Douglas Pearson is another problem solver. When he learned that his close friend, Paul Degroot, had extreme difficulty pulling up his pants while in his wheelchair, he set out to design a solution. Whether it was simply getting dressed in the morning, or using the bathroom, Paul took a long time wriggling back and forth, tugging and pulling on his pants to get them up and down.

Lucky for him, his dear friend Douglas is a creative thinker. He invented The Pants Up Easy, a one-of-a-kind product that helps people like his paralyzed friend pull themselves up while keeping their hands free to pull up their pants. They get to maintain their independence and save time every time they get dressed or use the bathroom. Take a look at the simple yet practical designs at www.PantsUpEasy.com. You’ll love these solutions to this problem.

And as you go through your day, take note of all the problems you solve without even thinking about it. We all have a little entrepreneur in us.

If you know of any other great solutions for daily living, either for people with disabilities, for caregivers, or people in general, we’d love to hear about them in the comments section. And you never know. We may devote an entire blog to it.

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