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Packing Checklist – Post Hospital Rehab Stay

As a follow up to last week, we’re providing a Packing Checklist – Post Hospital Rehab Stay to help save you time, and help make move-in/move-out go more smoothly for you or a loved one. Unlike a hospital, a transitional rehabilitation center will expect you to have your own personal items during care because you will be […]

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Healthy Eating Tips for the Week

It’s important to eat healthy when you are caring for someone else. Today, an estimated 65.7 million Americans, or nearly 30 percent of the general population, provide care for an older adult or someone living with illness or disability. ( That means we have that much more demand on our time. Add to that the emotional […]

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Save time – Simplify

Saving time is one of the many benefits of wearing a Cravaat® dining scarf, which is why we devote a category of blogs to time saving tips. This week we have a new perspective: When it comes to time-saving tips, there are so many blogs out there about it (even my last time-saving blog), that […]

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Efficient List Making

Ever feel like life was a merry-go-round you were trapped on, wishing it would slow down? But instead of slowing down, life just seems to keep getting busier. For me it’s my kid’s activities, operating my own business (DinerWear®) and helping out my aging parents, along with all the day-to-day needs of keeping house and […]

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