Healthy Eating Tips for the Week

healthy veggie prepIt’s important to eat healthy when you are caring for someone else.

Today, an estimated 65.7 million Americans, or nearly 30 percent of the general population, provide care for an older adult or someone living with illness or disability. ( That means we have that much more demand on our time. Add to that the emotional stress of caregiving and it takes a toll on our bodies. All that stress makes it that much more important to eat healthy.

It’s true that eating healthy takes more time in terms of food prep. But if you set yourself up for success, you can do it. I came across this article that gives fabulous tips on how to prepare ahead to help you eat healthy all week. They suggest you do this prep on Sunday, but if Sunday is not when you can spend half the day in the kitchen, then try these tips throughout the week when you are already making a meal. Simply add a tip or two when you’re in the kitchen. Trust me. It works. With healthy foods at your fingertips, chances are you’ll skip the chips and bread and go for the fruits and veggies and before you know it you’ll start feeling healthier.

Healthy eating for the week
Healthy eating tips for the week
roasted vegetables
roasted vegetables

To be inspired, go to this wonderful article by Carolyn Kylstra via Buzzfeed:

17 Tricks To Help You Eat Healthy Without Even Trying

If it’s too much at once, introduce them a little at a time. But get the ingredients onto your shopping list today.



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