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The Family Caregiver

As a Caregiver, This Counts as Care: One way I provide caregiver help is with administrative issues. As a caregiver, I know that eventually, the day will come when I will need to settle my parents’ affairs (or so I hope, given I outlive them). That’s why I recently followed my own advice, from a […]

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Caregiving 101: Passwords are Key

Be prepared for the end: Are you caregiving for a family member? Do you know their passwords? Heck, do you know all your own passwords? A recent article from the Huffington Post—I’m Still Paying For My Dead Husband’s Cell Phone Because I Don’t Know His Childhood Friend’s Name— Ann Brenoff points out the importance of […]

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Health and Wellness

Health and Wellness have been one of our messages under the theme of prevention, as in “An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure,” to match our saying for the Cravaat®: “An Ounce of Protection is Worth a Pound of Laundry.” We believe the best way to tackle illness is to eat and […]

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An Ounce of Prevention – Even for Summer

Prevention is the name of the game if you want to avoid problems, right? But it requires you think ahead. Like putting on your Cravaat® adult bib before you spill. With spring upon us, you’re probably thinking spring cleaning. (Well, you will as soon as the weather actually does get warm.) You’ll want to open […]

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