Taste with Tori


Tori Woodill of Taste with Tori at CBS3 Philly protects her clothes from the dangers of the delicious BBQ sauce at Zachary’s BBQ, proving that diners of all ages could use a little clothing protection.

Recently, DinerWear had the privilege to give some Cravaats to Tori Woodill of CBS3 Philly. Tori is a food aficionado, tasting delicacies all around the Philadelphia area. My mouth waters just watching her indulge. But even though she takes care to lean over her plate, Tori knows there’s risk to her clothes. I caught a glimpse of her

In keeping with the theme of making caregiving easier, you can get a glimpse of how you can protect your clothes and still look stylish.


Tori is wearing the Navy Pebble Cravaat. Check out www.Cravaat.com to see all our prints/colors for all our styles.


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