Cravaat® dining scarf adult bib

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Wear a Cravaat dining scarf instead of an adult bib. Stylish, Discreet, and Practical
100% polyester (suede like microfiber)
14″ across chest x 26″ long (from back of neck to bottom)
Stain resistant, Machine washable No ironing needed.
Packaging choice: Organza bag or vinyl pouch

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The Cravaat® dining scarf adult bib

The Cravaat® dining scarf adult bib is a fashionable scarf that protects like an adult bib. The microfiber feels like a very soft suede. Most stains wash out. It will even wipe clean while you’re dining. It is a “knit” fabric, meaning that it comes out of the dryer relatively wrinkle free.

Adult Bib Dining Scarf tied

Wear Your Dining Scarf Adult Bib Tied

Button & Chain Closure for Adult Bib Dining Scarf

Button & Loop Closure for Cravaat, Cravaat Wide, and Cravaat X

How to wear it

Simply drape the Cravaat® dining scarf over your chest to protect your clothes like an adult bib.

If you are concerned about your dining scarf staying closed, order it with a Button & Loop Closure. Or you can tie it at your neck for added flair.


Vinyl Pouch or Organza Bag

Vinyl Pouch or Organza Bag

14″ across chest x 26″ long (full length – 54″)  The width of the scarf at it’s widest is 9″. With a natural overlap, the total width measures approximately 14″ and possibly more.

Select your package of choice:  an organza bag or vinyl pouch.


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Additional information

Weight .25 lbs

Red, Black, Ivory Leaf, Leopard, Snakeskin, 6-Way Print, Black Foil Leaf, Black Dot, Pewter, Navy Dot, Navy Pebble, Burgundy Dot, Burgundy Pebble, Double Dark Olive Green, Dark Raisin Brown, Pink, Green/Blue, Pink/Purple, Ivory, White

Button & Chain Loop Closure

No Closure, Button & Chain Loop Closure

4 reviews for Cravaat® dining scarf adult bib

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Angela Bolton

    I bought your snake skin bib for my mother for Christmas and she LOVES it as do her friends. She live in senior apt. and now her friends want the bibs. I’m buying another one for her in a different fabric.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Marlene Chachkin

    I have been wearing these for years! I’m a young senior citizen, but I always seem to get something on my clothes when I eat. Everyone admires my “scarf.” Countless friends have admired it and have bought one. The cravat is a lifesaver, not to mention a clothes-saver.

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    Teri Easterling

    My daughter found these last year when they were mentioned in HomeCare Magazine. We bought one for my mother, and she keeps it in her Rollator compartment so she has it when she goes out to eat. She wants another to have a spare. Great product!

  4. Rated 5 out of 5

    Janice (verified owner)

    My elderly mother needed a dignified adult bib–and this scarf has been perfect because it’s mistaken by everyone for a normal scarf. The organza bag keeps it compact and easily portable. Because the material is not slick, it stays closed for good coverage when overlapped over the chest. And the scarf washes and dries perfectly. We have several of them–one in her walker that she uses in the retirement community dining room, one on her own breakfast table, and one in her handbag for when she’s out and about. I’d love to see a few more solid colors to choose from–maybe a nice cream color, for example (the white is too reminiscent of a napkin in my view). The black is marvelous for formal dinners; we bought one to use at my niece’s wedding reception, and mom looked elegant wearing it at the table. These have helped save mom’s clothes from staining, something that had always annoyed her. Whoever came up with this adult solution to an embarrassing problem for elders is a genius! Don’t balk at the price–they’re worth every penny and will last for years.

    • Kathy Steck

      We’re so pleased to hear your mother is enjoying her stylish dining scarf adult bibs and that they are working as intended: to look like a scarf. Take a look on our website ( We do have an Ivory color Cravaat available.

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