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Cravaats for Caregiving

Adult Bibs Help With Caregiving In all our talk about caregiving, I thought it was worth revisiting why this topic is relevant to DinerWear®. Something we’ve heard time and time again from caregivers is that wearing a clothing protector to avoid food stains at meals means avoiding having to change clothes during the day. Our […]

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Dine with Dignity – Making Food Dignified

Caring for Someone with Dysphagia Dysaphia is not an everyday word. But if you’ve ever cared for someone who has problems swallowing, you understand how food can lose its appeal. “Can you imagine not being able to eat and enjoy your favorite foods?” says Chef Gabriel Serero, inventor of the Dysphagia Gourmet food ingredient [Easy]base. With this […]

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Read Out Loud to Someone with Alzheimer’s/Dementia

Reading as an Antidote to Loneliness After my last post about Visiting Someone with Alzheimer’s, I came across this article: Reading: The Antidote to Loneliness. Find it at: Today’s Caregiver at This article, written by William McDonald, is the perfect follow up on activities to do when visiting someone with Alzheimer’s/Dementia. William points out how reading makes a great […]

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When You Become a Caregiver

When you become a caregiver, there are many things to consider to provide your loved one with the best care; concerns that go beyond just their daily living needs. Usually, by the time you are considering care options, you are most likely behind the 8-ball, i.e. one step behind on the situation. It’s important to admit the need […]

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Taste with Tori

  Tori Woodill of Taste with Tori at CBS3 Philly protects her clothes from the dangers of the delicious BBQ sauce at Zachary’s BBQ, proving that diners of all ages could use a little clothing protection. Recently, DinerWear had the privilege to give some Cravaats to Tori Woodill of CBS3 Philly. Tori is a food […]

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Resources for Caregiving

Since writing our first post including RESOURCES for Caregiving, we have heard about additional Senior/Disability Resources. Therefore we will continue to add to the list of resources as a reference: Organizations: –  Information such as What a Caregiver Needs to Know, and What Does Medicare Cover. Helps you navigate through the caring quagmire. […]

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